Master the health system & prevent mRNA contamination

Join me and learn about how you can prevent initial or repeat exposure to mRNA technology in medications and transfusions.

You have the right not to partake in the largest medical experiment ever done or at least be in the control group.  But how do you stand up to the medical establishment that has so much power?

 Avoiding the mRNA vaccine was just the beginning battle.  Now, preserving your autonomy is the real war. I will help you stay free from initial or repeat exposure to mRNA technology utilizing a multifaceted approach.

We must promote our health to protect the next generation. Humanity is counting on it. 

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Hi, I'm Sierra, and I was helping people resist medical tyranny before it was cool. 

 I have over a decade of experience in health care as a nurse, doula, and health coach. I will help you transform from the hesitant to the powerful decision-maker that you were meant to be.  The pandemic was a science experiment for a plan called LockStep. We are the untreated or "control group", not because they control us, but rather because WE CONTROL US.