We need an emergency mRNA- free blood supply!


What's going on?

People who resisted receiving mRNA technology during 2021-2022 mandates are still at risk of receiving mRNA vaccines against their will in the form of blood transfusions, and other therapies. 

What do we know? 

There are many case reports of people having adverse reactions to mRNA technology, yet they did not receive mRNA injections. One common thread among these people is that they received emergency blood transfusions, which were likely tainted with mRNA technology. 

If you need an emergency blood transfusion you have about a 75% chance of receiving blood donated from someone who has received the mRNA technology. 

There are other pathways for mRNA technology to potentially infiltrate unwitting recipients, which we will discuss later on. But for now, we will discuss blood transfusions only. 

What can we do?

To establish an mRNA technology- free emergency blood supply, I need everyone to do the following:

1. Sign-up with an online mRNA-free blood donor registry. 

A registry is simply a list of people who agree to donate to one another if the potential need should arise. This is great for non-emergent instances such as planned surgery, childbirth, anemia, etc. *A registry is NOT a blood bank. There are no mRNA free blood banks (yet), and NO blood banks offer labeled mRNA-free blood.*

When you sign-up with an mRNA-free registry, we will present those numbers to potential future blood bank partners and hospitals they will get X amount of new blood donors by allowing for the labeling of mRNA-free blood.




2. Sign-up with We Are The Control Group to stay in touch. 

There will be things we need to do to help one another, and this is the best way to stay in touch. Censorship is very real, and the attacks are relentless. It is also a great way to stay in touch about online courses and mentoring that can help you stay free. 

Join Us

3. Donate your money to this cause while it is getting off the ground.

Doing so will enable us to fund the infrastructure required such as refrigeration units, courier services, labels, speaking engagements, business overhead, etc.  There is a cost to doing this pilot project and this is a very time-consuming venture. I have a family to help support. I am just a nurse with a laptop and a whole lot of love.



4. Donate your blood NOW for all people, injected or not.

We do not have time to wait. The unfortunate truth is that people need mRNA technology-free blood NOW. And those people include both mRNA-free and mRNA-bonded persons. Giving blood NOW (as opposed to waiting for the systems to be established for unvaccinated blood banking) will serve everyone.

If we get out and donate, we will decrease the risk of people, like premature babies for example, getting transfused with mRNA-injected blood.

Who knows how dangerous it may be to receive multiple different types of COVID injections into the body? Has it been proven safe to mix multiple types of mRNA shots?  

Going deeper, to the heart of this issue...

We have been abused, persecuted, and risked or even lost many things that were of great value to us, from relationships to homes to retirements. And while it is tempting to hold onto the pain this has caused us... that anger and pain is the most dangerous poison that we can become infused with. 

So, we gotta forgive 'em y'all. If we choose to hold on to the anger, resentment, pain... that will poison the part of ourselves that is unaffected by mRNA technology... our very souls. Even though they don't know that they need to be forgiven, it's time. 

 2nd Corinthians 5:18-19

18 All this has been done by God, who has reconciled us to himself through Christ and entrusted us with the ministry of reconciliation. 19 In other words, God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, and not holding people’s transgressions against them, and he committed to us the message of reconciliation